Bold Jewelry for Dramatic Personalities – Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Last week I had the chance to view the media unveiling of Anna Dello Russo’s collab with H&M.

The neo-baroque accessory pieces are bright, dramatic, opulent, and  grandiose. This is a “look at me” line perfect for the dramatic personality type that will surely turn some heads!

The collection offers gold and turquoise motifs as well as various animal prints and the  pieces are large and statement pieces on their own.

Who can pull this line off?

Women who are medium to tall in stature, are mesomorphic or endomorphic in build, have texture in their appearance  and have medium to strong facial features.

If you are petite with a delicate build, the pieces will wear you so you instead of the other way around so it is best to maybe wear one piece at a time or to choose one of the more delicate items.


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