How to make a perfect cup of tea

I hope that you all had a lovely mother’s day weekend!

I thought that I would share this video on preparing tea using loose leaves.


afternoon tea

1. Fill your kettle with fresh water.

2. Warm the teapot with freshly boiled water, just as it comes to the boil. Swirl and tip out before adding the leaves.

3. Add a teaspoon for each guest + 1 for the pot.

4. Add water just below boiling temperature into the teapot and let stand for 3 minutes (or as indicated on tea package instructions).

5. Pour milk or cream into cups first as this prevents cracks in your china.

6. Pour tea using a strainer to catch any stray leaves.


Host/Hostess Gift Ideas

I think that it is a nice and appreciated gesture to bring gift(s) for the host when attending a party.

The choice of gift should be thoughtful and should not inconvenience the host (no flowers without a holder please) in any way. After all, they’re probably busy making sure that everything is ready for their event so anything that requires unnecessary fuss is an instant write-off.

Here are some host / hostess gift ideas:

Chocolate or little desserts like macarons or chocolate dipped strawberries – Who does not love chocolate? Chocolates are great because they can be opened and shared with everyone at the event.

Home themed gift sets – If your host loves gardening a mini herb kit set would be great idea. Tailor it to your host’s interests. When in doubt you can never go wrong with a mini chocolate fondue set.

Books – Cook books or coffee table books on art, travel or fashion. Again tailor this to your host’s interests.

Flowers - Only if they are potted or come in a vase.

Candles – I love getting pretty votive candles as gifts. If you’re not sure about the scent choose something classic like lavender or orange.

Dessert Wine РMost of the time your host will have a selection of wine already selected. I think that dessert wine is a pleasant surprise to the usual wine offerings.  Being from Canada, my favourite type of dessert wine is ice wine.

Luxurious bath productsmonogramed bath soaps, masks, scrubs, cleansers or a big basket of everything to pamper the guest.

Kitchen Accessories – You know when you’re shopping at Williams-Sonoma and you see all those unique little gadgets (like this meat slicer)? From bakeware to cutlery to cooking tools. The list is endless!

Gourmet treats – Artisan jams, tapenade, dips, cheese, nuts etc.

DIY Gifts – Martha Stewart has these great ideas for DIY host gifts that you can assemble yourself.

Shop for home inspired gifts:

How to properly eat a dinner roll

Simple steps in tackling the dinner roll:

1. Using the communal butter knife, take a piece of butter from the butter dish and place it on your bread plate.

2. Tear off a small piece off bread with your fingers and spread butter using your butter knife.

3. Eat the bread

4. Repeat step 2


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