Pretty H&M Crystal Necklaces

I picked up a couple of fun necklaces from H&M a while ago. A pink and gold necklace in various geometrical shapes and a two tier white and green necklace. Both necklaces were a steal for under $20 each.

I really like both colours but I felt that the green necklace suited me better. Pink is one of my favourite colours and I really love wearing pink but I felt that the size of the pink necklace was just a tad bit too big and heavy for my frame.

When choosing jewelry it is important to make sure to match your features to your choice of jewelry.

Necklaces: H&M

Black Tank: Old Navy

Lipgloss: Essence XXXL Shine in Fabulous Fushsia

P.S. Sorry for the grainy picture. My camera is MIA.

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Have a great weekend!


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